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CION™ – Science of the Beautiful

CION™ is the new 4K/UHD and 2K/HD production camera from AJA. Record directly to Apple ProRes 422 and 444 at up to 4K 60fps or output AJA Raw at up to 4K 120fps. CION features an ergonomic design and open connectivity to give complete flexibility in the field or studio.

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AJA 2014 – What’s New Showreel

FS1-X FRC: Incredible frame synchronization, image conversion and frame rate conversion mated with a wealth of audio options including MADI

LUT-box: Now you can load a 3D inline LUT to your SDI and HDMI outputs for monitoring.

KONA 4: The KONA line continues with a wealth of HFR and resolution features for high end professional editors.

Corvid 88: Streaming is the name of the game and this card allows you do it all from multiple HD formats simultaneously to multiple channels of 4K support.

Hi5-Plus and HA5-Plus: HDMI is the most affordable way to monitor professional workflows and these Mini-Converters will allow you to convert SDI to an HDMI monitor in the case of the Hi5-Plus, or take an HDMI output from a DSLR and convert to professional SDI for editing ingest or professional monitoring.

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The Ki Pro Family

  • Ki Pro
  • Ki Pro Mini
  • Ki Pro Quad NEW – Now Shipping
  • Ki Pro Rack NEW – Now Shipping


A revolution. From production to post.

AJA Ki Pro models are file-based recording and playback devices that create high-quality files on computer-friendly media. With extensive video and audio connectivity, you can interface with virtually any type of camera you might own or rent and connect seamlessly with your post production hardware. All Ki Pros are intuitive to operate, with familiar VTR-like buttons and and a clear, easy-to-understand user interface.

Four models of Ki Pro are available. Whether you need on-set capture and playback, 4K recording and monitoring or simply an alternative to traditional tape-based devices, AJA offers a Ki Pro that best suits your workflow requirements.

Io XT is a professional Thunderbolt-ready interface with two Thunderbolt ports and desktop-level power. Compact, portable and powerful, it’s loaded with high-end features including 3G/Dual-link/HD/SD-SDI, Component Analog, and HDMI connectivity–plus full 10-bit, broadcast-quality up/down/cross conversion.

  • lo Express
  • lo HD
  • lo XT


KONA capture, display and mastering solutions for SD, HD, 3G, Dual Link HD, 2K and 4K on a Mac or PC, provide the engine for your post-production process.

  • KONA3g
  • KONA3
  • KONA LHe Plus
  • KONA LHi


  • FiDO-R
  • FiDO-2R
  • FiDO-T-SC
  • FiDO-2T
  • FiDO-TRHI5-3D
  • HI5-3G
  • HDP2GEN10
  • HD10AVA
  • ADA4D4E
  • D5CE
  • D5DD5DA
  • D5PSW
  • D10AD10AD
  • D10C2
  • D10CD10CE
  • D10CEA
  • HD5DAHD10A
  • HD10MD3
  • HD10C2
  • HI5
  • HI5-FiberHD10CEA
  • HA5
  • 3GM3GDA
  • UDC

FS Family

With support of all broadcast video formats, FS products make matching up disparate video and audio systems simple. With a flexible, “anything-in, anything-out” architecture, FS1 and FS2 both feature comprehensive analog and digital I/O, Up/Down/Cross conversion and general frame synchronization.

  • FS1

  • FS2


  • K3G

  • K3
  • KL
  • KLHi



KUMO compact SDI routers are small and cost-effective, yet robust and reliable. KUMO supports full broadcast specifications over SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G SDI. KUMO routers are a perfect fit for any broadcast, production, or post production environment.

  • KUMO


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