Avere Hybrid Cloud NAS for Google Cloud Platform

New Platform Offers Flexibility to Run Apps and Store Data Anywhere

Avere Hybrid Cloud NAS frees you to store your data anywhere by bringing flexibility and easy management to hybrid infrastructures. It’s NAS as you’ve never thought possible – in your data center or in the cloud with optimal performance, no latency, and a familiar NAS interface.

Your business is about creating, discovering, developing, and managing. It is time that these aren’t restricted by lofty storage costs, latency, and security concerns. With Avere’s virtual and physical FXT Edge Filers, how you think about compute and storage changes with the ability to freely move data between storage types and locations, while making it readily available to cloud compute resources. You can continue to leverage your on-premises storage resources and easily add the simple scalability and cost efficiency of public cloud and private object storage.

CloudPlatform_Logo+LockupWith Avere and Google, companies gain the flexibility to move compute-intensive workloads and large data sets to the highly scalable and reliable Google Cloud Platform infrastructure. Avere’s hybrid cloud platform creates the flexibility and agility needed to integrate existing NAS architectures with the Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud Storage. Data files are easily moved between existing on-premises data stores and the Google Cloud Storage. Local storage and cloud-based storage also become available to Google Compute Engine instances for cloud bursting.

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“With the Avere deployment, we’re experiencing six times faster renders—a render that previously took six days, for example, now takes just 24 hours. At the same time, the latency to our desktops has been reduced during high rendering periods, so we’re able to keep our artistic and production teams working efficiently.”

—Mark Day, Director of Engineering, Rising Sun Pictures

Hear from Avere CEO, Ron Bianchini, Jr., discussing the introduction of Cloud NAS to the Avere product line-up.

Interested in learning more about cloud bursting? Bernie Behn uses this whiteboard session to walk through the basics of cloud bursting and how you can use the vFXT Edge filer to smoothly incorporate cloud compute into your infrastructure strategy.

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