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Field 2 has all the standard features you expect to find in EditShare’s XStream and Energy models, including hardware RAID protection, enterprise “spinning disk” or SSD drives, media and project-sharing support for Avid, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, and Lightworks, the EditShare Sync Tool (TM) for sending media to another EditShare system over the Internet – even scalability and expandability options. EditShare Field 2 – our second-generation portable storage unit – is the perfect solution for situations where you need media and project sharing in a small, quiet box.  Designed to meet even the most stringent airline regulations for carry-on baggage, Field 2 can travel with you wherever you go – providing an instant collaborative editing environment in a hotel room, on a film set, at a remote office or even in an ENG van.

Field 2 comes with 4 Ethernet ports for direct connections to client workstations or laptops.
Options include adding:

  • up to 10 more Ethernet ports, for a total of 14 direct connections
  • an expansion unit to double your storage, or for sending material shot in the field back to home base
  • a single 10 Gigabit connection for use with a switch
  • a SAS HBA for connection to an Ark Tape Library or to single LTO drive
  • a 2-channel Flow SDI Ingest card for recording directly to Field 2 storage, including edit-while-capture support for fast-turnaround events.  With Field 2 and a Flow SDI card, you can capture an event in a variety of SD and HD codecs and start editing from central storage within seconds of beginning the recording.

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Similar to your EditShare Storage server, the EditShare Ark disk-based storage has hard disks that are spinning all the time-offering the advantage of high-speed performance for backup, archiving, and restoration tasks.


Geevs Broadcast Servers have been crafted to challenge a wide range of demanding workflows including simple ingest, complex newsroom integration, live sports with instant replay, multi-camera studio ingest and 24/7 scheduled play-out. Geevs provides unmatched codec support including DVCPRO HD, Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD, XDCAM HD and AVC-Intra 100.

Lightworks controller
Lightworksí intuitive controls make it fast and creative to use and its advanced real-time effects, 2K native support with DPX or RED and multi-camera editing features remain unmatched today.

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Flow 3

Flow 3 is engineered to help you access, manage and move your media on your terms, with intuitive automation services that facilitate quickly handling repetitive, but very important tasks with exact precision,” comments Andy Liebman, founder and CEO, EditShare. “More than this, Flow serves as a bridge, interconnecting systems across the production and post-production chain, providing seamless interoperability from start to finish.”

Key Features of Flow 3:

  • Collaborate through a web browser anywhere in the world with AirFlow
  • Track any video, audio, image or document asset across single or multi-user projects
  • More flexible user interface with undockable panels and customizable layouts
  • Expanded NLE compatibility for dragging and dropping of projects, bins, clips and sequences
  • Save time and money by automating simple and complex repetitive tasks with Flow Automation
  • Scalable Flow Worker Node architecture provides workload distribution and maximizes use of hardware resources
  • Support for scanning and browsing your archived content on existing third-party near-line storage and restoring to EditShare online storage

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Storage Products

X Stream
XStream singlefront 01 DSC 5002 lores logo
XStream is designed for all creative workgroups, from digital intermediate, news, sports, reality TV and education, to any high-resolution media sharing workflow where a large number of simultaneous users require real-time edit-in-place or true collaborative access to high-resolution video files and data.

Energy front
Storage solution that integrates the sharing of PROJECT files. Thanks to EditShare’s patented bin-locking / project-locking framework, Avid and Final Cut Pro editors can instantly see, copy or revise the work of colleagues with the assurance that a bin, sequence or project will never get accidentally deleted or overwritten.

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