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Google Cloud Platform allows you to tap the computational power and global reach of Google’s infrastructure, unlocking unprecedented scale, reliability, and cost savings when you need it most.

Google has built and assembled a set of solutions to empower artists and creative professionals across key workloads critical to your business: from content ingestion into the cloud, graphics rendering, storage & archival, to media transcoding and distribution for livestreaming. Cloud Platform lets you focus on creativity, backed by the same infrastructure relied on by Google’s own services.

Custom Cloud Solutions

HeroLogo_128Google Cloud Platform offers tailored solutions for Media: from Zync, the cloud-native rendering solution for creative studios, to Google’s partnerships with some of today’s leading technology companies that let you extend your on-premises infrastructure into the cloud seamlessly. Explore some of Google’s custom solutions — from rendering architectures, archival & disaster recovery, to video processing and distribution out to CDNs — or contact Annex Pro to explore a unique implementation tailored to your environment.

Zync: Designed by VFX artists for VFX artists:

Zync_Logo_1_WhiteZync offers a solution tailored to the tools artists already use for VFX rendering, providing integrated compute, licensing, storage, and data transfer to the cloud. Kick off renders directly from today’s most popular tools and renderers, including Maya, Nuke, VRay, Arnold, and Renderman. Zync provides an affordable, turnkey rendering solution that empowers artists to focus on creativity, not infrastructure.

Annex Pro can assist you in gaining access to this exciting new tool. Contact us today to find out more.

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