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Introducing Qumulo File Fabric

A modern, highly scalable file storage system that runs in the data center and the public cloud

Now available from Qumulo – Qumulo File Fabric (QF2). QF2 is a modern, highly scalable file storage system that runs in the data center and the public cloud.

For the first time, enterprise customers have the freedom to store, manage and access their file-based data in any operating environment, at petabyte and global scale.

Here are some of QF2’s benefits:

Scales to billions of files
Use any mix of large and small files and store as many files as you need. There is no practical limit with QF2’s advanced file-system technology.


Your data anywhere
QF2 runs in the data center and in the public cloud. Continuous replication moves the data where it’s needed when it’s needed.



Real-time control at scale
Get answers and solve administration problems in real time, no matter how many files and directories you manage.


“At DreamWorks, we are a digital manufacturer and digital media files are the core asset of our business. During the production of a major animated motion picture, we often create in excess of 500 million media files. If storage fails to perform, the creativity stalls. QF2 gives us the speed to meet our demanding production schedules, while continuing to raise the bar on creating the world’s most compelling movie experiences.”
Skottie Miller
Technology Fellow for Engineering and Infrastructure at DreamWorks Animation


Additional Resources

Analyst Report
QF2 extends high-performance file services to the cloud: Read the Taneja Group’s analysis of QF2 for AWS.
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White Paper
QF2 Technical Overview: Go under the hood to learn about some unique QF2 capabilities.
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Visit the new to get introduced to QF2, or contact us today learn more.


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